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The is always more to do than is listed here. However, if you want to contribute but you don't know where to start, here are some examples:

A rough to do list for the wiki regulars
  • Replace links to the HG2 Fandom wiki with links to the HG2 miraheze wiki
  • Check pages for missing or wrong information
  • Check for use of the term 'universe' and replace it with 'world' when applicable
  • Add missing images
  • Create pages for red name characters
  • Create descriptions, history summaries, add appearances and trivia
  • Create pages for locations and worlds
  • Create pages for different character versions
  • Create pages for real life, mythical or media references
  • Create pages for developers, artists and voice actors we know the credits for
  • Add external links to other wikis
Examples of things to cover
  • Belobog page linking to Belobog on wikipedia, and use of the name in Zenless Zone Zero and Honkai: Star Rail
  • Anti Entropy VN, its main cast, and all its characters/mentioned characters
  • Update the Divinity page with miHoYo's pantheons
  • Add the known cast info for Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero
  • Add summaries for the game chapters of Honkai Impact 3rd


Existing Pages that warrant edits (not a complete list)

Pages that need improvement

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