Are they truly connected?

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Are they truly connected?

Mister Spaceman

miHoYo's multiverse is most definitely an odd and somewhat confusing subject. So for the purpose of this wiki, I'd like to give a brief rundown.

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The multiverse miHoYo handles is somewhat murky. miHoYo loves to play around with information. It's important to note that any statement on the matter made by a character is coloured by their own knowledge and lack thereof. If someone describes the multiverse, they typically lack the information to describe it with complete accuracy.

To keep things simple, we'll be going over a couple of games and ask the question: Are they truly connected?

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd sort of functions as the center of these games. It is the only game so far that has confirmed connections to the majority of miHoYo's running properties, and delves deep into multiverse mechanics, featuring many parallel worlds with different versions of the cast, mostly explored through the event based story of Captainverse.

Guns GirlZ

What's interesting about Guns GirlZ's position is its relationship with Honkai Impact 3rd. A portion of the cast and a chunk of the world building of Guns GirlZ was reused in Honkai Impact 3rd as an alternate story. Conversely, a chunk of Honkai Impact 3rd's cast and worldbuilding was also reused in Guns GirlZ. The stories have different tones and focus, and differ in many of their aspects. Still, they maintain an odd intimacy, where the games acknowledge one another, but never dive deep into the true nature of their connection.

Guns GirlZ uses the same multiverse mechanics Honkai Impact 3rd built up, but shies away from using the same terminology in most cases, and prefers to keep things a lot less grounded in metaphysical sciences, causing its stance towards the rest of multiverse to be vague at best. That said, it describes the concepts of the Sea of Quanta without using the terminology for it, and uses the term 'The Other Side of the World' regarding multiverse mechanics, a term shared with Honkai Impact 3rd.

Perhaps its most overt connection to Honkai Impact 3rd is the 2020 Cross collab, which featured a mysterious version of Bronya believed to be a data ghost in a virtual space. However, the context and snippets of thoughts we see from Bronya strongly suggest that this is meant to be the Bronya from Honkai Impact 3rd, who got lost exploring the Sea of Quanta on her search for Seele in the gap between her appearances during chapter 11-12 of Honkai Impact 3rd.

Additionally, we've seen multiple design elements from Guns GirlZ pop up in characters in Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact (and vice versa). The language barrier is perhaps the greatest reason we don't expect this connection to be delved into. However, at the time of writing this, we have noticed some of the Chinese only content mentioning terminology pertaining to Star Rail's worldbuilding. Coincidence? Who knows?

In the end: Its canonicity as a part of HI3's established multiverse is up for debate, but its place on the wiki is well earned. It's simply much more sensible to treat it as a part than to dismiss it entirely.

Genshin Impact

While the nature of Genshin Impact's world is still a mystery, it is most definitely connected to Honkai Impact 3rd. When Otto Apokalypse was looking at a screen that showed him other worlds in the multiverse, Dvalin was one of the things he saw. A fact the creators put extra emphasis on when they talked about the scene. Additionally, Genshin hosts a multitude of character alts.

Honkai: Star Rail

This game is 100% connected to Honkai Impact 3rd, building its premise off the Alien Space manga and bringing Welt Yang along for the ride, featuring a treasure trove of character alts. "Space is more than 3 dimensions," Void Archives said as he explained to Welt why travelling through space allows you to visit other realities.

Tears of Themis

Whilst not sporting any sort of confirmation that ToT has connections to the multiverse, it does host many easter eggs towards miHoYo's games. Might as well include it on the wiki, as it stands as one of miHoYo's pillars. Technically, we should say XX instead of IT in the reality code, but since ToT's world's stability isn't called into question, we might as well keep it simple.

Zenless Zone Zero

At the time of writing this, we know nothing about it. If there's no suggestions regarding the multiverse, we'll just treat it as a stable world. It's a given it will be on this wiki regardless.


This one is far removed from the others storywise. We include it for completeness, and because it serves as the debut for Kiana Kaslana.

ZombieGal Kawaii

Doesn't even have a story. Just here for completeness.

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