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Defunct.png 'This product is defunct.
Due to the game never receiving updates and iOS removing support for 32-bit backwards compatibility, this game is unplayable on modern devices.FlyMe2TheMoon is defunct.

FlyMe2TheMoon.png Hanzi:

私奔到月球 FlyMe2theMoon

Release Date:

2011, September 28


Sībēn Dào Yuèqiú FlyMe2theMoon

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miHoYo's very first game. It centers on the exploits of Kiana Kaslana as she travels between objectives with a jetpack. It's a 2D flying game and platformer.

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  • Technically, FlyMe2TheMoon was made and released before miHoYo was founded. However, miHoYo continued its distribution and considered it a part of its lineup.
  • The title is based on an ending song from Neon Genesis Evangelion with the name "Fly Me To The Moon". MiHoYo would go on to reference Evangelion in later games and even have a crossover event in Honkai Impact 3rd.

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