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Genshin Impact (Chinese: 原神 Yuánshén, "Original God") is an open world action RPG as well as the sixth game developed and published by HoYoverse and the fourth installment in the Honkai series. Despite not carrying the word 'honkai' in its title, it expands The Honkai Universe and incorporates many parallels to its predecessors. This is the company's first game to utilize two main characters whom the player can choose between. The story centers around the Traveler and their floating companion, Paimon, on their journey to uncover the stories behind Teyvat and reunite with the Traveler's Sibling.

Central Cast


Story Arcs

Character Story Chapters

Character Hangout Event Chapters

Explorer Quests

Major Events

Minor Events

Recurring Events

Web Events

  • Stone Harbor Treasure Journal
  • Slime Paradise
  • A Wanmin Welcome
  • Hilidream Camp
  • Distant Voyage
  • Mysterious Voyage (Kaedehara Kazuha)
  • The Heron's Invitation (Kamisato Ayaka)
  • Summer Night Mementos (Yoimiya)
  • Engraved Wishes
  • Aloy's Exploration Journal
  • Yummy! Barbecue Under the Stars
  • "Let the Arataki Gang Show Begin!" (Arataki Itto)
  • The Great Banquet of the Adepti
  • Kitsune's Leisurely Stroll Around Hanamizaka (Yae Miko)
  • The Crane in the Clouds (Shenhe)
  • Taking Pictures and Recounting Good Times (Character Birthdays)
  • When Flowers Bloom (Kamisato Ayato)
  • Journey With a Gentle Breeze
  • New Adventure? Let's Go!
  • To Ensnare a Prey (Yelan)
  • Bouncing Blobby Slimes
  • Mesmerizing Dream at Sea
  • A Journey Through Pages
  • Go Go, Forest Rangers! (Tighnari)
  • Trial of the Scorching Sands (Cyno)
  • Dance of Gratitude (Nilou)
  • Carefree Dreamland
  • Fluttering Footsteps in the Fields (Wanderer)
  • Tales of the Youkai
  • Paimon's Starlight Expedition
  • The Six Faces of Wisdom (Alhaitham)
  • Iridescence in Papers
  • Starlit Sky
  • Scarlet Sand Sojourn (Dehya)
  • Chords of the Forest
  • Herbal Remedies (Baizhu)
  • Glittering Elixirs
  • Conch Reminiscences
  • Shadows in Motion
  • Backstage Encounter (Lyney)
  • Overtue of Wandering Notes
  • Suddenly the Rain Stops (Neuvillette)
  • Dream of Roving Stars
  • Cogs in the Machine (Wriothesley)
  • VIP Ace Detective (Furina)
  • Macaron Melange (Navia)
  • Ancient Treasures Unearthed
  • Melusines' Survey
  • A Little Stroll Backstage
  • Starlit Letter
  • Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine!
  • Adeptus Mechanical Marvel (Xianyun)
  • Dancing Beasts and Soaring Kites


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