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Honkai Impact 3rd (Chinese: 崩坏3 Bēnghuài 3, "Honkai 3") is a 3D action role-playing game developed and published by HoYoverse. It is the company's fourth game and third installment in the Honkai series. It is a spin-off and spiritual successor to Guns GirlZ, taking place in an alternate timeline with similar characters and ideas, but diverging heavily from its predecessor. The game is notable for incorporating a variety of genres, from hack and slash and social simulation, to elements of bullet hell, platforming, shoot 'em up and dungeon crawling across multiple single and multiplayer modes.

Story Guide

Central Cast


Game Arcs

The Moon's Origin and Finality

Dance of Life and Death

Game Mode Stories

Open World

A Post-Honkai Odyssey

Elysian Realm


Visual Novels



These manga were referenced by Lingyi Niang after the Houkai3rd manga began their run. Because they were originally made for a different timeline, some details might not add up.

Houkai3rd Monochrome Series

The original series of manga that started the story of Honkai Impact 3rd.

Houkai3rd Coloured Series

The coloured run of the Houkai3rd series following the game's release.

Sporadic Additions

These manga were also a part of the manga series, but released with larger gaps and less of a consecutive storyline.



Animated media with a slice-of-life genre.

Limited Time Events

Captain's Bizarre Adventure

A series of limited-time events that follow the story of a Captain who travels across the Sea of Quanta.

Main Story: Extra

Main limited-time events that may have happened in the main story at some point.

St. Freya Travels

Events that involve the normal life of St. Freya members. This heavily implies that Honkai does not exist in these events.

Entertainment World

Events that occur in a normal world where the three big organizations are companies leading the entertainment industry.

Other Worlds

Events with a separate Captain in their respective worlds and are not connected with each other.

Web Events

Limited-time events usually introduced alongside the main event and may or may not be part of the main story. Some of these have animated skits.



Animated Skits

Concept Animation

Honkai Operation Center

Official informative videos and recap of events.

Honkai Chronicles

A brief summary of certain characters' lives.

Birthday Events

Birthdays that include a CG, may or may not involve a Captain.

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