Lord Lawrence (YS-MU)

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Lord Lawrence
Lord Lawrence (YS-XX-MU).png
劳伦斯老爷 (Láolúnsī Lǎoyé)
Iteration of Lord Lawrence
Alias: -
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Mondstadt
Reality of Origin:
Genshin Impact Mainline (YS-MU)
Genshin PROJECT Songs of the Wind
Voice actors -

Lord Lawrence from the Genshin Impact main storyline. A despicable aristocrat who rules over Mondstadt.


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Under the rule of the magnates led by Lord Lawrence Mondstadt is a far cry from what it used to be. Nobles hoard wealth and power and the Ludi Harpastum is now an act for the Lawrence Clan to show off their status.

As for Barca's request Lord Lawrence buys Vennessa and her kin and forces them to fight against Ursa the Drake, promising to free them and hand over his property and the keys of Mondstadt to her if they manage to win. When they try to run back inside the city he orders to fire arrows at them to prevent them from escaping. In exchange for this human sacrifice he expects the monster to stop attacking the city.


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