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miHoYo Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 米哈游 Mǐhāyóu), also known as, miHoYo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 上海米哈游网络科技股份有限公司) is a video game development company based in Shanghai, China with offices in several other jurisdictions, most well-known for developing Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai: Star Rail, and Genshin Impact. Apart from games, the company has also ventured in creation of animated series, novels, comics, music, merchandise as well as committed to technology research and development, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and have accumulated leading technical capabilities in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology, and other fields.[1]

On February 14, 2022, HoYoverse was officially launched with an aim to create and deliver an immersive virtual world experience to players worldwide through a variety of entertainment services. Through operations in offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul, the company continues to expand their content production, technology research, and publishing duties.[2] The headquarters is situated in Jurong, Singapore, serving as a key hub for HoYoverse's global distribution and operation efforts while working with other offices to provide technical support for game development.[3]


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