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To maintain consistency for all wiki pages, HoYodex utilizes a standardized format of naming characters, worlds, and so on to identify them easily.

The assigned names and reality codes are created by fans and are not part of miHoYo's official Honkai Universe lore. Its main purpose is to help us sort the characters and distinguish between different versions, whilst recognizing they're related. The codes are not representative of any sort of clear-cut indexing system miHoYo uses for their stories.

Currently, the wiki has three identifiers namely: Game - World - Era.



This part refers to the first medium that the character, world, etc. appeared in and assumed to belong to.

In the case of crossovers, another code may be used.


A letter code pointing to a trait that allows you to identify the reality or world it belongs to. If necessary, this can be extended.

  • Example: The world based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms can be given the code 3K.
  • Extended Example: If the setting based on Chloé's Theater is CT while Houkai Gakuen 4-Koma's mainline is 4K, then a version of Chloé's Theater in the 4-Koma may be written as 4KCT.


This is considered optional and should only be added when a world has multiple eras. The era, then, is denoted by a number where the base number is 0. If an era is identified before 0, there will be a minus placed after the number. A number only needs to be included if multiple eras are identified.

  • Example: Previous Era (B3-MU-0)

Extra Letter

If two realities are extremely similar, but still in some way different, you may use a single added letter to denote them being separate.

  • Example: The Seed of Sumeru has three known versions: B3-SS-A, B3-SS-B, B3-SS-C.


If a character's reality of origin is unknown, then their associated reality will be used to identify them.

  • Example: Traveler (YS-Unknown)


These are used primarily used for Outer Gods in Guns GirlZ who exist Beyond Space and Time.

  • Example: Yog-Sothoth (Outer)


Our Reality

Those pertaining to real life organizations or staff members related to miHoYo do not need to be included. Instead, if they have different iterations found within the game, those may be included on their page.

  • Example: Liu Wei referring to one of miHoYo's founders while Da Wei (B3-EA) for an iteration in ELF Academy.

Real Life Basis

Some characters across the Honkai Universe may be based on real life people that exist in history or known mythology.

  • Example: Frederica Nikola Tesla to Nikola Tesla (History)
  • Example: Paimon (YS-MU) to Paimon (Legend)

Naming Worlds

With the creation of the reality code, a name can be given to easily attribute what it's about. The reality code does not need to be the name's abbreviation and vice versa.

  • Example: Honkai Impact 3rd Mainline (B3-MU)
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