Tears of Themis

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Tears of Themis (Chinese: 未定事件簿 Wèidìng Shìjiàn Bù, "Undecided Case Files") is a romance detective visual novel and the fifth game developed and published by HoYoverse. The story centers around the NXX Investigation Team where the Main Character, codenamed Rosa, joins four other men to unravel the mysteries within Stellis City while a relationship blooms in the process.

Central Cast


Main Story

Personal Episodes

Event Story

Some of these events have diverging routes depending on the Main Character's chosen partner. Although it will not lock the player from pursuing a different route, it is advised to play through one love interest's route before reading another.

Birthday Events


  • The game's original title refers to the X-NOTE while the English title is a reference to both the currency and the "tear" of the statue of Themis during a gacha pull.

Wiki Entries

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