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This subject appears in a significant portion of untranslated media.
As such, take every piece of unsourced and/or untranslated information with a grain of salt. This page will be updated accordingly as more information is translated.
Terminology in these games is subject to inconsistent translations.
Many terms are coined throughout by characters with a limited understanding of these concepts and can be recontextualized by later reveals in the story. We try to represent the terms as faithfully as we can, but please keep this in mind.



These are terms used across all HoYoverse games. Terms count under here if they have been mentioned between two or more games.


Chinese:   lit. "Authority"
English:     Authority

The power a being holds to manipulate reality.



Chinese:   银河 yínhé, lit. "Milky Way, Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Silver River"
English:     galaxy, The Galaxy
Japanese: ぎん (ginga)
Korean:     율자 (yulja)

A nebulous term that seems to be used in reference to the knowable universe.
Chinese:   律者 lǜ zhě, lit. "Lawmaker, Lawyer"
English:     Herrscher
Japanese: リツシャ (ritsusha)
Korean:     율자 (yulja)

A being infused with Honkai Energy possessing control over a specific concept.
Chinese:   律者核心 lǜzhě héxīn, lit. "Lawmaker Core, Lawyer Core"
English:     Herrscher Core
Japanese: リツシャコア (ritsusha no koa)
Korean:     율자 코어 (yulja ko-eo)

The source of a Herrscher's power. In Chinese, this is used synonymously with Herrscher Gem. This is widely used in the official English translation of Honkai Impact 3rd.
Chinese:   律者宝石 lǜzhě bǎoshí, lit. "Lawmaker Gem, Lawyer Gem"
English:     Herrscher Gem

A crystal condensed from Honkai Energy in the body of a Herrscher, they are the source of the Herrscher's powers.
Chinese:   崩坏 bēnghuài, lit. "Collapse"
English:     Honkai
Japanese: ほうかい (hōkai)
Korean:     붕괴 (bung-goe)

A mysterious and destructive force that scales with the advancement of civilization and can cause several phenomena, such as plagues, natural disasters, monsters etc.
Chinese:   崩坏兽 bēnghuài shòu, lit. "Collapse Beast"
English:     Honkai Beast
Japanese: ほうかいジュウ (hōkai jū)

A psychic-type enemy class of the Honkai. They are living, silicon-based creatures, as opposed to the carbon-based life of humanity. It is also possible for an organic being to become a Honkai Beast of sorts.
Chinese:   崩坏能 bēnghuài néng, lit. "Collapse Energy"
English:     Honkai Energy
Japanese: ほうかいエネルギー (hōkai enerugī)

A type of energy that powers anything related to the Honkai. It is dangerous to a normal human due to the radiation it emits. In Honkai Impact 3rd, Edison was able to find a way in order to convert Honkai Energy into another form of renewable energy through deciphering Previous Era documents which led to the creation of the Moonlight Throne.
Chinese:   虚数空间 xūshù kōngjiān, lit. "Imaginary Number Space"
English:     Imaginary Space
Japanese: きょすうくうかん (kyosū kūkan)

A 'space' outside of the regular world structure. It is a mathematically consistent space that is to an extent independent from a world. It can be used to form constructed subspaces or to traverse large distances or even worlds.
Chinese:   虚数之树 xūshù zhī shù, lit. "Tree of Imaginary Numbers"
English:     Imaginary Tree
Japanese: きょすう (kyosū no ki)

A theoretical model of an infinite structure of interconnected stable worlds branching out through the dimension of time. For every small difference in events, the worlds split into separate branches.


Chinese:   星球 xīngqiú, lit. "celestial body, heavenly body"
English:     planet
Japanese: ほし hoshi, lit. "star", てんたい (tentai)

A celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star.
Chinese:   拟似律者 nǐshì lǜzhě, lit. "Pseudo-Lawmaker, Pseudo-Lawyer"
English:     Pseudo-Herrscher
Japanese: リツシャ (giji ritsusha)
Korean:     의사 율자 (uisa yulja)

False Herrschers that are not part of the Herrscher cycle. They control a Herrscher Authority, but haven't undergone a complete Herrscher awakening.


Chinese:   星海 xīnghǎi, lit. "Sea of Stars"
English:     Sea of Stars, Starry Sea, Ocean of Stars, Starry Ocean, galaxies of stars
Japanese: せいかい (seikai)

A poetic term typically used to describe the navigable Universe, or the mysterious vastness of the beyond.
Chinese:   星系 xīngxì, lit. "star system, galaxy"
English:     star system, galaxy
Japanese: せいけい (seikei)

A group of stars which orbit each other, bound by gravitational attraction. Using real-life definition, a galaxy is considered a star system.
Chinese:   圣痕 shènghén, lit. "holy scar, stigmata"
English:     stigma, stigmata
Japanese: せいこん (seikon)

A genetic imprint that allows one to harness incredible power. There are three types of stigma: True, Natural, and Artificial.
Chinese:   宇宙 yǔzhòu, lit. "universe, cosmos"
English:     universe, space, cosmos
Japanese: ちゅう (uchū)
Korean:     우주 (uju)

A structure encompassing all of known spacetime.
Chinese:   女武神 nǚ wǔ shén, lit. "Valkyrie"
English:     Valkyrie
Japanese: ヴァルキリー (Varukirī)

A group of female warriors bearing a natural or artificial stigma under Schicksal tasked to fight against the Honkai.
Chinese:   世界 shìjiè, lit. "world"
English:     world, universe
Japanese: かい (sekai)
Korean:     세계 (segye)

A structure of spacetime that can be identified as a collective existence.
Chinese:   世界线 shìjiè xiàn, lit. "worldline"
English:     timeline
Japanese: かいせん (sekai-sen)

This refers to the path of a world when a decision splits them into infinite possibilities. In physics, it is a sequence of spacetime events corresponding to the history of the object.
Chinese:   崩坏意志 bēnghuài yìzhì, lit. "Collapse Will"
English:     Will of Honkai
Japanese: ほうかい (hōkai no ishi)
Korean:     붕괴의 의지 (bung-goeui uiji)

A theoretical intelligent being that controls the Honkai phenomena with a gestalt.

Guns GirlZ

Chinese:   时空外 shí kōng wài, lit. "outside space-time"

The place where the Outer Gods reside and had come from.
Chinese:   神格 shéngé, lit. "Godhead"
Japanese: しんかく (shinkaku)

Artifacts that have been exposed to Honkai Energy for a long period of time develops a consciousness and are call as such in Babylon Academy.
Chinese:   外神 wài shén, lit. "Outer God"

Beings that come from Beyond Time and Space. Notable characters classified as such come from the Cthulhu Branch of Babylon Academy.
Chinese:   世界树 shìjiè shù, lit. "world tree"
Japanese: ユグドラシルYggdrasil (Yugudorashiru)

This term often appears in the Kizuna of the Godheads under Nordic Academy.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Chinese:   律者权能 lǜzhě quánnéng, lit. "Lawmaker Authority, Lawyer Authority, Lawmaker Power, Lawyer Power"
English:     Herrscher Authority, Herrscher Power
Japanese: リツシャけん (ritsusha no ken)

The symbol of a Herrscher's control over a specific concept. The Authority Belonging to a specific Herrscher type.
Chinese:   , lit. "membrane"

Branes by description are formed in the "fluctuations" of the "Ether" in which the Sea of Quanta is composed of, and combination of these branes may create a bubble world.
Chinese:   世界泡 shìjiè pào, lit. "world bubble"
English:     bubble universe
Japanese: かいあわ (sekai no awa)

Worlds in the Sea of Quanta that are typically destined to fall apart. However, an 'anchor' of sorts can keep them stable enough to persist.
Chinese:   意识映射 yìshí yìngshè, lit. "consciousness mapping"
English:     Consciousness Mapping
Japanese: しきとうえい (ishiki tōei)

While not strictly defined, it is a term widely used in Captain's Bizarre Adventure as something that is performed by Captain to interfere with a bubble world by projecting their consciousness to someone on that world.
Chinese:   神之键 shén zhī jiàn, lit. "God Key"
English:     Divine Key
Japanese: かみかぎ (kami no kagi)
Korean:     신의 열쇠 (sin-ui yeolsoe)

A weapon from the Previous Era using Soulium made to house a Herrscher Core. Majority of the Divine Keys' creation are owed to Vill-V while the Special Divine Key, Key of Blankness, was created by Dr. MEI.
Chinese:   以太锚点 yǐ tài máo diǎn, lit. "Ether Anchor, Ether Anchor Point"
English:     Ether Anchor
Japanese: エーテルアンカー (ēteru ankā)

A topological formation that exists between the "dimensional manifolds". Its appearance is similar to a Herrscher Core and is referred with various different terms. It is assumed to keep a bubble world afloat despite being in the Sea of Quanta.
Chinese:   虛数重整化群 xūshù chóngzhěng huàqún, lit. "Imaginary Number Renormalization Group"
English:     Imaginary Renormalization Group
Japanese: きょすうぐん (kyosū kurikomigun)

A tentative name that Dr. MEI gave to the existence that solidifies the occurrence pattern of the Honkai which also allows the power of Herrschers to remain unchanged. PROMETHEUS inserted her consciousness, which constrained it to human thought.

English:     Quasi-Herrscher

A being who has undergone the mutation of a Herrscher but lacks the means of using the Herrscher Authority.
Chinese:   本征世界 běnzhēng shìjiè, lit. "natural world"
English:     real world, proper world
Japanese: ゆうかい (koyū sekai)

This is a term that may refer to worlds anchored to the Imaginary Tree. Usually, these are the worlds that serve as a blueprint for bubble worlds.
Chinese:   量子之海 liàngzǐ zhī hǎi, lit. "Quantum Sea, Sea of Quanta"
English:     Sea of Quanta
Japanese: りょううみ (ryōshi no umi)

It is a chaotic and messy place where spillover from several worlds can gather, and where unstable worlds called 'bubble worlds' float.
Chinese:   魂钢 hún gāng, lit. "soul steel"
English:     Soulium
Japanese: コンコウ (konkō)

A metallic composite of nano-robots designed for insulating Honkai energy. The nano-robots can automatically repair Honkai-induced corrosion.
Chinese:   对称性破缺 duìchèn xìng pò quē, lit. "symmetry breaking"
English:     symmetry breaking
Japanese: たいしょうせいやぶ (taishōsei no yabure)

In physics, symmetry breaking is a phenomenon where a disordered but symmetric state collapses into an ordered, but less symmetric state. This is how Dr. MEI tried to explain Elysia's creation.

Tears of Themis

Chinese:   未定事件簿 wèidìng shìjiàn bù, lit. "Undecided Case File"
English:     X-NOTE
Japanese: ていけん簿 (mitei jiken-bo)

A project that aims to peel away layers of obscuring data an reveal the hidden truth beneath.

Honkai: Star Rail

Chinese:   星神 xīngshén, lit. "star god"
English:     Aeon
Japanese: アイオーン (aiōn)
Korean:     에이언즈 (eieonjeu)

God-like beings associated with a Path, which allows them to manipulate imaginary energy.
Chinese:   以太编辑 yǐ tài biānjí, lit. "ether edit"
English:     Aether Editing
Japanese: エーテル (ēteru henshū)
Korean:     에테르 편집 (eteleu pyeonjib)

A type of technology that allows the tampering of reality's data. It was created by Sage, one of the legendary hackers in Punklorde. Silver Wolf is one of the known beings to use and have mastered it.
Chinese:   多宇宙 duō yǔzhòu, lit. "many universes, multiverse"
English:     multiverse
Japanese: あまちゅう (amata no uchū)

A structure encompassing multiple universes.
Chinese:   命途 mìngtú, lit. "the course of one's life, one's fate"
English:     Path
Japanese: うんめい (unmei)
Korean:     운명의 (unmyeong-ui gil)

Congregations of Imaginary energy that reflect certain ideals.
Chinese:   星轨 xīngguǐ, lit. "star rail"
English:     star rail
Japanese: せい (seiki)
Korean:     우주space궤도의orbit (uju gwedoui)

The rail that the Astral Express follows as it travels from one world to another.
Chinese:   存在之树 cúnzài zhī shù, lit. "Tree of Existence"
English:     Tree of Existence
Japanese: そんざい (sonzai no ki)

Assumed alternative term for the Imaginary Tree.

Zenless Zone Zero

Chinese:   空洞 kōng dòng, lit. "hollow"
English:     Hollow
Japanese: ホロウ (horō)
Korean:     공동 (gongdong)

Supernatural disasters that appear out of thin air, creating disordered dimensions where monsters known as the Ethereal roam.
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